Sex trafficking survivors share stories of high hopes and broken dreams

By Ngoc Quyen, Thanh Nien News

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Two women in Dak Lak Province's Krong Bong District tell their stories after managing to escape from human traffickers. Photo: Nguyen Binh 
A number of women in the Central Highlands’ remote areas have been tricked to go to China by human traffickers with marriage proposals or lucrative job offers.
Recently a 32-year-old woman known M. in Noh Prong Village of Dak Lak Province has become the center of attention in the Mong village after she luckily escaped from two human traffickers.
M. was worrying about her future as she was still single at the age of 32. In her village, women around 20 are all married.
When two young men named Hong and Phong, who was introduced to her by an acquaintance, came to her house and said they wanted to introduce her to a man named Tha in Ha Giang Province in northern Vietnam, M. was very happy. 
Tha called her on the phone everyday, saying he was longing to meet her.
In early July, Hong and Phong asked M. to join them to visit Tha. She agreed.
The trio took a bus to Ha Giang.
After that, they walked. M. recalled she felt a bit suspicious as she did not know where they were going.
She saw a Mong ethnic man walking and asked him if he knew the name of the land. The man told her she was in China, near the border with Vietnam.
Hong and Phong overheard the conversation and fled the scene.
The Mong ethnic man led M. to a Vietnamese police station in Ha Giang, and then she managed to go home.
Dao Van Khin, a police officer at Noh Prong Village, said several similar cases happened last year.
A number of young women were lured by strange men to go to northern provinces bordering China, thinking they would have a happy life.
Some of the women managed to escape from the human traffickers.
But some others were not that lucky.
In June last year N., 18, in Dak Nong Province was told by a young man named Quyen from the north that his sister was recruiting some waitresses for her restaurant.
N. persuaded her friend named T. to go with her.
The duo traveled to Lao Cai Province.
A woman then brought them to a brothel in China near the border with Vietnam.
N. said she saw many other Vietnamese women in the brothel.
They were forced to work very hard. Several months later, N. fled the brothel to a Chinese police station.
She managed to go home.
Some women in Dak Nong are still unaccounted for after leaving home. 

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