Sex clip brings Vietnamese couple's marriage to messy end

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Nguyen Dang Xuan Thuy in a photo of her wedding last year. The husband has rejected her since a porn video with the actress looking like her strengthened his belief that she was not a virgin.

The husband of a 19-year-old Vietnamese woman broke off their marriage and has remarried on suspicion she is the woman in a sex video posted online.

The family of Nguyen Dang Xuan Thuy, 19, is indignant, denying she is the person in the clip, and wants authorities to investigate to "clear her name."

Thuy married Nguyen Phuc Duy, 27, in March last year. Their families are neighbors in the Mekong Delta's capital hub of Can Tho.

Two weeks after the wedding, Duy confronted her over a porn video in which the woman looked exactly like her, and asked to end the marriage.

Only recently did Thuy's family go to the authorities after Duy remarried. The police said March 1 the video was a foreign one and the performers' clothes did not look like Vietnamese students' uniforms.

But Duy was adamant, saying he knows best about his wife's body. Besides, the video was just the final straw after he found out she was not a virgin, he claimed.

News website VnExpress Sunday quoted him as saying that it was physically easy for him to enter her the first time they had sex just before the wedding.

"She didn't seem to be in pain, she didn't scream. She [looked] like she had done it before."

Thuy denied this, saying she bled the first time she had sex with her husband.

Duy said he let it go after other women in his family including his mother told him to show sympathy to her.

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"I married her and ignored the virginity thing as I loved her.

"But after seeing the movie I could not bear to think a woman who looks exactly like my wife having sex with another man."

Bizarrely, he told Thanh Nien Saturday that the film was not the main reason for their separation.

"I really care about Thuy, but there were things we could not overcome. We were not getting along well.

"[But] I cannot reveal the details."

He married another girl last month, but local authorities have yet to issue Duy and his new wife a marriage certificate following Thuy's family's complaint.

Nguyen Van Khai, the commune chairman, said though it was completely legal to issue the certificate, it was being delayed just to "avoid complications."

Nguyen Hoang Nam, Duy's father, said: "My son found out that his bride was not a virgin and we told her family. After seeing the clip, she herself admitted the similarity "¦ For those reasons, I did not allow the [marriage] registration."

He was "shamed in front of his family, friends, and son since I had insisted on the marriage."

Nam, who owns an ice factory, said he chose Thuy for his son since she was "nice and good-looking" and her family had been friends for a long time.

Nguyen Van Ba, Thuy's father, said Nam had told him about the video and asked to end the marriage without dispute, and he had agreed.

Thuy, who is attending a pharmaceutical college in Can Tho, said the scandal caused her to be discriminated at school.

She also received messages from strange phone numbers threatening to spread the video around her school.

"I hope the authorities quickly clarify the issue to restore my reputation and my family's," Thuy said.

Her mother Dang Thi Ut told Thanh Nien Friday that Thuy once attempted to commit suicide.

Phan Thi Hong Nhung, chairwoman of Can Tho Women's Association, promised to protect Thuy's rights.

Thuy's family has asked Duy to return the 3.6 taels of gold his family gave as a wedding gift and she gave to his mother for safekeeping. But his family denies receiving it.

Duy is angry that Thuy keeps asking about the gold.

"My family is not so poor that we have to keep her gold."

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