Scrap collectors killed by war-era grenade

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Two people were killed and another was injured when a war-era grenade they were cutting through went off in the central province of Quang Ngai Saturday.


Tran Minh Tri, 52, and Truong Van Phu, 54, died on the spot.


Nguyen Tan Luu, 46, was hospitalized with severe injuries and lost his right leg in the accident.


The men, who were scrap metal collectors, were trying to take the explosives from the weapon and sell the rest as scrap metal.


Local police are investigating the incident.


Central region provinces have recorded the highest number of deaths and injuries caused by unexploded bombs and landmines left from the Vietnam War, studies have said.



100kg wartime bomb defused in central Vietnam
A violent peace
Military officers and NGO staff defused a war-era 100-kg bomb in mid-July after it was found under a house in the region's Quang Tri Province.


In June, a resident in Quang Tri discovered 14 shrapnel bombs and two grenades in his garden. Those explosives were also successfully defused.


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