Schoolboys fall from third floor after concrete handrails break

TN News

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Two third graders in Hanoi fell from the third floor of their school Tuesday (December 21) after they hit the concrete handrail while playing at break time and it broke.


The boys, only identified as Anh and Dai, were rushed to a nearby hospital. Dai had slight injuries while Anh was transferred to Vietnam-Germany Hospital with thigh bone fractures, Trinh Linh Chi, principal of the Dinh Cong Primary School, told VnExpress on Wednesday.


The broken railing fenced an area more than one meter long connecting the newly-built section with the old section of the school.


Chi said the contractor had not transferred the new section to the school for use, but as it was completed in September and the old section doesn't have enough space, the school had asked to use the new rooms.


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