Russian client vanishes after DongA Bank mistakenly gives her 20 times her money

By Nguyen Long, Thanh Nien News

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Police in southern Vietnam are looking for a Russian woman who has been ignoring a bank’s request to return more than US$11,000 after it accidentally gave her much more than the amount she requested to withdraw. 
Last year, the client, 36, reportedly received two transfers of $1,570 and $570 into her account at a Ho Chi Minh City-based Dong A Bank's branch in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province on December 9 and 15 respectively. 
She came to the branch and requested to withdraw $1,570 on December 10.
Eight days later, she requested to withdraw the remaining $570 (VND12,145,000).
But a clerk gave her $12,145 by mistake and was only aware of it after the Russian client left.
The bank said it has tried to contact her.
It has filed a complaint against her after receiving no response. 
Police said they had summoned the woman once and she promised to return the money.
They said she has now left the province. 
DongA Bank has not disclosed how the bank clerk made the mistake. 

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