Rumor causes disorder in northern Vietnam

TN News

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A rumor about "a supernatural force" with promises of wealthiness recently spread among the ethnic minority H'Mong people has caused disorder in the northern province of Dien Bien, the VIetnam News Agency reported.


The report on Thursday quoted Le Thanh Do, vice chairman of the provincial People's Committee, as saying that some people have gathered at Muong Nhe District since the beginning of this month to wait for the appearance of the "supernatural force," which was said to bring them to a "promised land" where they would be blessed with good health, happiness and wealth.


Some instigators then encouraged the people to ask for the establishment of the "kingdom" of H'Mong people, causing social unrest, Do said.


To make matters worse, H'Mong people's health is suffering due to the current critical weather conditions, the lack of necessary facilities, and unhygienic food and drink, the official added.


According to Do, in response to this, local authorities have assigned officials to convince the people not to believe in the rumors or arguments against the government, and that they should go home to get back to normal life.


So far some have returned home, he said, adding that the authorities are trying to convince others.


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