Royal descendant in Korea gets Vietnamese nationality

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A Korean man, who is a descendant of the Ly Dynasty (1009-1225)'s royal family, and his family were granted Vietnamese nationality on Monday in Hanoi.


Historical records in Vietnam and South Korea showed that 52-year-old Lee Chang Kun, or Ly Xuong Can in Vietnamese, is the 26th generation of Ly Long Tuong, son of King Ly Anh Tong (1138-1175), Professor Phan Huy Le, chairman of the Vietnamese Association of Historical Sciences, said.


Since 1992, Lee has made numerous visits to Vietnam and his relatives here. He has also made contributions to his hometown, called for investment from South Korea and repaired the temples worshipping the kings of the Ly Dynasty.


According to Le, Ly Long Tuong, known as Yi Yong Sang in Korea, fled to the country in 1226 when the Ly Dynasty was overthrown, and became a famous general that helped Korea defeat Mongolian invaders.


The exile prince was believed to be the ancestor of a Lee family branch in both South and North Korea.


Also at the ceremony held by the Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, the National Political Publishing House announced the reprint of a historical novel titled Hoang thuc Ly Long Tuong (Duke Yi Yong Sang) by Kang Moo Hak to mark Hanoi's 1,000th anniversary to be held this October.


The work was published in South Korea in 1967 and first in Vietnam in 1996.

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