Rodent-hunting dog plays mother to baby rats

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A rat-hunting dog in Bac Lieu Province with the rats it treats like its own babies

A rat-hunting dog in the southern Vietnamese province of Bac Lieu has become a curiosity among locals as it takes care of five baby rats as if it were their own mother.

Duong Van Tam, owner of the bitch, said he found the rats in a field when they had not even opened their eyes since birth, and brought them home to raise as pets.

He had been "very cautious" with the "ferocious" dog, worrying it would kill the rats.

"But, surprisingly, the dog has been gentle and caring with the rats, behaving like a mother," Tam said.

He received visitors almost every day who wanted to see the unusual bond between the dog and the rats.

The rats are around three months old now, and are healthy with glossy hair.

Tam said the dog remains ferocious with all other rats.

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