Road safety group calls for zero tolerance for drunk driving

TN News

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Alcohol impairment is a major risk factor in Vietnam that cannot be tolerated, said the Global Road Safety Partnership, an organization working towards improving road safety.

"A zero-tolerance approach to enforcing legislation that gets alcohol-impaired drivers and riders off the road before someone is injured or killed is one of the most effective of road safety interventions," Gayle DiPietro, a GRSP official, said in a statement released Monday.

The organization is coordinating with the Vietnam National and Provincial Traffic Safety Committees and the World Health Organization to organize a road safety workshop in the northern provice of Ha Nam from October 18-20.

It is part of a global program to improve road safety for ten countries with the highest burdens of traffic injury.

Last month, the group held a training workshop at the People's Police Academy in Hanoi, focusing on enhanced enforcement strategies, tactics and procedures for the effective prevention of drinking and driving, including the use of alcohol breathalyzers.

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