Road accidents kill 940 in Ho Chi Minh City last year

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Traffic accidents killed nearly three people a day in Ho Chi Minh City last year, with 940 people counted dead in the city's 1,123 road wrecks, along with another 495 injured.

Motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City caused 783 accidents, killing 649 and injuring 365 in total last year, accounting for most of the traffic accidents and related casualties recorded in the southern hub.

The city's Traffic Safety Agency's latest report showed that motorbike-caused accidents made up 69.7 percent of traffic accidents in the city, while the deaths and injuries accounted for 69.6 and 75.1 percent of the city's total figures, respectively.

HCMC currently has some four million motorbikes out of nearly 4.9 million registered vehicles.

The city has set up objective to cut down on the number of motorbikes for years, yet latest statistics showed that nearly 1,000 motorbikes are registered every day, increasing more than 10 percent year-on-year.

Not to mention that some one million motorbikes from other provinces circulate in the city every day.

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