Rioting inmates take warden hostage at Vietnam prison

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Police from the southern province of Dong Nai, along with the Ministry of Public Security, quelled a riot Sunday involving dozens of inmates who had taken a local prison warden hostage.

Initial information revealed that the disturbance broke out in the Xuan Loc prison in Dong Nai's Xuan Loc District at around 8:30 a.m. Sunday when a group of prisoners were playing soccer in a detention area.

Inmates Pham Van Tri and Pham Ngoc Huong allegedly screamed and threw at least one rock toward the prison gate where guards were standing nearby.

As the officers were taking the group of prisoners that had been playing soccer back to their cells, another inmate, Nguyen Van Tan, allegedly attacked First Lieutenant Nguyen Van Tuan with a rock and a homemade club, injuring him slightly.

At this point, 50 inmates gathered near the prison gate and began screaming, demanding all the officers to leave the detention area after managing to take the prison's warden, Colonel Ho Phi Thang, hostage.

When the guards retreated as instructed, the inmates broke open several cells, freeing 19 of their fellow prisoners. Together, the renegade band went to the canteen for drinks, taking kitchen utensils as weapons.

They locked the doors to their detention area from the inside with wooden sticks and barricaded themselves in with other obstacles to prevent anyone from entering.

The disturbance stopped and Colonel Thang was released several hours later that day after Major General Ho Thanh Dinh, a senior official at Ministry of Public Security, talked to the prisoners.

Maj. Gen. Dinh told Thanh Nien that the disturbance was rooted in the prisoners' desire to be moved to another detention facility and given better food.

He said only 30-40 prisoners actually took part in the riot, while the others mainly screamed and observed, adding that about 40 prisoners were singled out for investigation and would be punished in accordance with the law.

Dinh said the uprising had been "ignited by some leading prisoners," according to AFP.

Col. Thang said he talked with the prisoners to calm them down and that they did not threaten or mistreat him.

Police are investigating the case further.

According to Dong Nai newspaper, the detention area where the riot took place is home to around 1,000 prisoners, mainly those with long rap sheets.

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