Resident protest causes trash to pile up

TN News

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Around 600,000 tons of garbage is stinking up the streets in the south central province of Binh Dinh after residents blocked off the road to a local garbage dump.


Starting on Monday, residents set up tents at the entrance to the Long My dumping ground in the provincial capitol of Quy Nhon to stop garbage trucks of Quy Nho Urban Environment Company from dropping off their hauls.


They say they're angry that the company keeps delaying compensation and relocation for families affected by the creation of the dumping ground.


Most recently, following heavy rains, foul dump water trickled into their neighborhood; the company has done nothing about it.


Vo Van Hoan, an official from the company, said as much as 1,200 cubic meters of garbage has piled up in downtown Quy Nhon since the protest began three days ago.

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