Rare turtles released in central Vietnam

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The agency of aquatic life protection in the central province of Khanh Hoa on Tuesday released two critically endangered hawksbill sea turtles to the sea, after rescuing them from a trade attempt.

The turtles (Eretmochelys imbricate) were submitted to the provincial Agency of Aquatic Resources Exploitation and Protection by Nguyen Quoc Anh Bao, director of Phuoc Tho Co., based in Nha Trang Town.

Bao said he bought them from a local at VND500,000 (US$23.8) when the latter was transporting them for sale.


Vietnam releases five endangered sea turtles into sea

Since the beginning of this year, locals have found and released rare turtles on four occasions.

Categorized as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union, the hawksbill turtle is usually harvested for its shell which is used for decorative purposes.

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