Rare gibbons found in Vietnam central highlands

TN News

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Forest rangers in the central highlands province of Lam Dong on Wednesday said they had confiscated four rare gibbons illegally raised at a Taiwanese-owned company.


The Northern white-cheeked gibbons (Nomascus leucogenys) were being kept at the office of Kinh Lo Co., Ltd., headed by Huang Pin Chuan, without permission, according to Tran Thanh Binh, chief of Lam Dong's Forest Rangers Agency.


Native to Vietnam, Laos and China's Yunnan province, the animal is protected from being used for commercial purposes, poached or held captive under Vietnamese law.


Also on Wednesday, the Forest Rangers Agency in the southern province of An Giang said they had taken over 3,500 crocodiles temporarily being kept by Chau Doc Town's police.


The police found the undocumented reptiles in a truck on Monday.

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