Rare, centuries-old trees chopped down in Vietnam's highlands

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Authorities in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai have seized a large amount of illegal lumber they believe came from 12 rare, centuries-old trees that were cut down recently in a local jungle.

Nguyen Nhi, head of the provincial forest management department, said the loggers undoubtedly invested a lot of effort into their illegal endeavor.

The wood was found four kilometers of mountainous steep road from the trees. Thus, Nhi said the loggers must have used some modified vehicles to transport the lumber.

He said he believed the trees were cut down at night and that loggers used cloth to cover the exhaust pipes of their electric saws to mute the noise which would have come from them.

Tran Vinh Huong, chairman of K'bang District, said forest rangers seized around 24.2 cubic meters of mostly fragrant wood. He said the wood had been cut into 61 pieces for making plank beds.

Local rangers and related agencies have been measuring the stumps of the lost trees over the past few days in order to identify the exact amount of wood that was logged and determine if the loggers had already hauled some of it away.

Local police are looking for the loggers, saying they could face criminal charges.

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