Quang Ninh cop suspended for soliciting sex, money from wife of detained man

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A police officer in the northern province of Quang Ninh has been temporarily suspended after a local woman accused him of making a pass at her and soliciting bribes to help her detained husband.

Lieutenant-Colonel Nguyen Van Thuong of the Cam Pha Town Police Department was asked to make a report on the allegations made by Bui Thi Thao, a 26-year-old Cam Pha resident, against him.

On September 15, Cam Pha police arrested Le Huu Tuan, Thao's husband, for investigating his possible involvement in a human trafficking case.

Tuan, 31, runs a small massage parlor in Cam Thuy Ward.

Thao wrote in the complaint she was not allowed to meet her husband after he was detained

On the morning of Nov 20, Thuong arrived at Thao's house and told her he was handling the case involving her husband.

He said Thao must pay him a VND20 million (US$951) fine first to help her husband, because Tuan had run the massage parlor without a license.

Thao said she could not afford the money right away, so Thuong cut the amount to VND10 million.

When Thuong was about to leave, he suddenly hugged her and repeated his act several times although she tried to push him away.


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"If you keep acting like that, you cannot not save your husband," he told her.

Thao wrote in the complaint that Thuong called her that afternoon to push her into paying the money and invite her to dinner.

He said he would let Thao see her husband if she agreed to go out with him. Thao turned down all his requests.

After she sent the complaint to some newspapers, including Thanh Nien, the Cam Pha Town Police Department suspended Thuong and asked him to report on the allegations.

Initial investigations indicate Thao's accusations had merit, according to Colonel Nguyen Quoc Tien, the department chief.

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