Public supports higher wages for state workers, soldiers

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Current minimum wages stipulated for state workers and the armed forces are insufficient to meet minimum needs, according to a survey results released Friday by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The survey covered respondents from officers at the ministries Health, Education and Training, and Science and Technology, and people in 15 cities and provinces.

More than 98 percent agreed that current minimum wages for both state sector employees and armed forces personnel were too low, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

The survey aimed to collect public opinion on payment policies since 2007, when Vietnam's economic growth started to slow down from the previous period because of the global meltdown.

Since then, average minimum wages for all sectors have been raised on seven occasions from VND210,000 to VND830,000 a month, factoring in economic growth, price increases and the state budget capacity.

But most people said the minimum wages were inadequate and should be raised further to help state workers and soldiers dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their jobs, and prevent corruption.

The Home Affairs Ministry said it will propose further wage increases to the government and suggest further kinds of bonuses.

Vietnam's minimum wages will be raised for the second time this year on October 1 to between VND1.4-2 million month, depending on the region.

This would be the first time the minimum wage has been raised twice a year, after minimum salaries were increased to VND830,000-1.35 million per month January 1.

It is also the first time that the government sets the same minimum wages for both state-owned and foreign businesses.

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