Public servants to make written commitment not to drink at work

TN News

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Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked provincial leaders from across the country to make public servants sign commitments not to drink during working hours and lunch.


Phuc told participants at a national conference on traffic safety Monday that the no-drinking commitment should be written, rather than just verbal.


Phuc also said that public servants who violated traffic regulations due to drinking should be strictly punished.


Leaders of cities and provinces who attended the conference all agreed to Phuc's request.


At a meeting in January last year, Phuc asked all 63 provinces around the country to enforce a ban that prohibits public servants from consuming alcohol during working hours and during lunch on workdays in a bid to reduce traffic accidents.


Phuc had ordered a similar ban in March 2012, but it was not heeded.


Actually, the government had officially put a ban in place via a decree in 1996. But just like several other regulations that Vietnam has passed, the law has not been enforced because it lacks implementation guidelines.

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