Provincial prosecutor turns office into wedding hall in Vietnam

Thanh Nien News

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A senior official in north-central Vietnam was criticized for organizing her daughter’s wedding at her office on a work day, an official in Thanh Hoa Province said Monday.
Nguyen Thi Thanh, the head of the prosecutors' agency of Vinh Loc District, reportedly organized her daughter's wedding ceremony at the office on Friday.
Incidentally, her daughter also holds a position at the prosecutorial office.
Provincial officials said Thanh's action dealt a serious blow to the office's public image and merits severe criticism.
Witnesses said many facilities for the wedding, including tables, chairs, flatware and many loudspeakers, were set up on the ground floor of the prosecutor's office starting on October 30.
Three big canvas tents were pitched around the yard that same day.
On Friday morning, the wedding party kicked off drawing hundreds of guests into the office's front yard.
Meanwhile, the office's back yard and the parking lot were used as an outdoor kitchen.
A meeting room inside  was used to greet and welcome guests.
Le Van Dong, deputy head of the provincial prosecutors' agency, said that Thanh and other related individuals must be strictly criticized for such behavior.
Last March, the provincial Communist Party unit prohibited officials from drinking wine and beer during work hours--even during lunch breaks. 
The decision also specifically instructed officials to only serve "tea" at their wedding ceremonies.

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