Provincial judge accused of committing adultery

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A provincial judge in southern Vietnam has admitted going to a local guesthouse with a married woman, claiming he was offering her advice she sought on family problems.

Nguyen Thanh Mong, deputy head of the People's Court of Ca Mau Province, was on October 7 seen leaving a local guesthouse with the 24 year old wife of a local resident identified only as Nguyen Van D., a xe om (motorbike taxi) driver.

In a statement sent to the provincial court Wednesday, Mong said D.'s wife had called him on Friday, telling him that she and her husband had conflicts with his family, so they had moved temporarily to the guesthouse, the Phap Luat reported.

The wife had asked him to come to give her and her husband some advice, the judge said in the statement.

Mong said that later that day, he had filled gas near the guesthouse, so he thought he would stop by.

"When I came there, I saw no one. I was just about to leave when D.'s wife arrived. I asked for her husband and she told me to come in. When I stepped in the room, four or five people from the outside came to constrain me," the judge said.

He said he had known D.'s family for long and considered him a nephew.

However, D. and his family said there had been no conflict in the house over the past six years since they got married.

D. said Mong had ruined his family and blamed his wife for letting it happen.

The husband's family managed to take a photo on a cell phone of Mong leaving the guesthouse with the woman, who sold bánh mì near the court.

Truong Thi Tuyen, D.'s sister, said she had followed her sister-in-law and called her family after seeing the two enter the guest house.

"That morning, my sister-in-law was dressed up when she left the house. On reaching the court, she made a phone call and Mong came out shortly and follwed her to the guest house," Tuyen said.

Truong Van Binh, presiding judge at the court, said the case will be handled "strictly."

Binh said Mong has been asked to hand over his cases and be absent from any panel while waiting for his punishment.

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