Provincial authorities stop tiger bone auction amid objections

TN News

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Authorities in the northern Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa have canceled the auction of 2.27 kilograms of tiger bones confiscated from smugglers after the public voiced their objections.


The Thanh Hoa Forest Rangers' Agency made the announcement at a press briefing held Friday, according to news website VTC.


The tiger bones now will be transferred to the Thanh Hoa Hospital of Traditional Medicine, instead of being sold at an auction planned to be held by the provincial finance department, health department, the agency and the hospital, said Le The Long, chief of the Forest Rangers' Agency.


Meanwhile, tiger skin has already been handed over to Thanh Hoa General Museum, he added.


Previously the Center of Nature Education (ENV) issued a press release, criticizing the provincial People's Committee for arranging the auction.

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