Provincial authorities accused of attempting to auction confiscated bones

TN News

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A wildlife conservation center has accused authorities in northern Vietnam of arranging the auction of tiger bones confiscated from smugglers.


In a recent press release, the Center of Nature Education (ENV) said that on November 19, the Thanh Hoa Province People's Committee issued a decree allowing provincial agencies to auction off 2.77 kilograms of seized tiger bones.


ENV claims it has sufficient evidence to show that an agency has offered the bones at VND5 million (US$256.47) per gram. Those interested in the purchase were encouraged to could contact the Thanh Hoa Hospital of Traditional Medicine, news website Dat Viet quoted Tran Viet Hung from ENV as saying.


ENV has roundly criticized the authorities for attempting to sell confiscated wildlife.


Agencies have managed to detect violations and confiscate exhibits, but to sell them in auctions, allowing them to come back to the market has shown that agencies' roles here are just like a broker in a ring of trading wildlife, it said.


The difference is that confiscated wildlife now has become "legal," ENV stressed.


However, Nguyen Luong Thang, Vice Director of the provincial Department of Finance told Dat Viet that after receiving the batch, the department Tuesday proposed the People's Committee transfer the bones to Thanh Hoa Hospital of Traditional Medicine for making medicines.


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