Prostitution ring targeting foreigners busted in Vietnam metro

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The Ho Chi Minh City police have detained nine people, including pimps, for allegedly running a prostitution ring exclusively targeting foreigners in the downtown area.

Their identities were not revealed, while details of the bust are sketchy.

The arrest followed nearly two years of investigations by the police department's social crimes division (PC45), who had followed some pimps who targeted foreigners in restaurants and bars, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported Monday.

A police source told the newspaper that the ring was well organized and not easy to infiltrate since it only served foreign customers.

The pimps would approach potential customers in restaurants and bars, collect at least US$100 for a prostitute's service, and send them to certain hotels.

The gang earned a lot of money, the source said without elaborating.

According to other media reports, the sex workers took half the money while the brokers and drivers taking them and clients to the hotels shared the rest.

At 10 p.m. last Friday, investigators found several foreigners on their way to the suspected hotels in District 1 after drinking. They raided the hotels within an hour and found four couples there.

No one's identity is known yet.

However, other news sources gave a different account of the raid, saying it happened Saturday afternoon.

Fifty two people including the four couples were questioned at the PC45 office for alleged involvement, and nine were detained, Tuoi Tre said.

The alleged kingpin, identified by Tien Phong (Pioneer) newspaper only as V., said the gang recruited young good-looking women aged 18-28 from the Mekong Delta region who could speak English.

The police are investigating further.

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