Prostitute request ignored, man throws grenade at police

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Two men were arrested in northern Vietnam Saturday as one of them threw a grenade toward a police officer who was called after they insistently asked a karaoke shop for prostitutes.

Five people were injured by the incident in Quang Ninh Province, including the shop owner and major Nguyen Van Bien, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Tran Phuoc Hung and Nguyen Van Thang, both 21, are being investigated pending murder charges.

Investigations revealed that Hung and Thang left the karaoke shop and returned with the grenades after the owner refused to bring in girls to entertain them as requested.

Other people at the shop called local police on the phone.

But Hung pulled the pin and threw a grenade immediately when three police arrived and asked them to hand over the weapon.

The major was rushed to a general hospital in the province while the other injured persons were sent to China bordering the province.

Police found three bangers and four military bullets at Hung's place.

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