Prosecutors report on their involvement in woman's death

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Two leaders of a district prosecutors' office in southern Vietnam on Wednesday confirmed their involvement in the death of a woman who drowned while drinking with them last month.

In their reports to the inspectors of Party Unit of Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, Nguyen Kim Doan, chief of the district's People's Procuracy and his subordinate Nguyen Huong Giang said that on August 20, they had a drinking party with about a dozen other people on a barge along the Vam Co Dong River.

After that they bathed in the river together with six women, and Dinh Thi Kim Phuong, 20, drowned, according to their reports.

However, Phuong's mother Nguyen Thi Kim Khue told Tuoi Tre newspaper that she doubted that the death of her daughter was an accident.

According to Khue, she was informed that Phuong's body was found wearing stockings as well as a mobile phone and watch that her friend, who had bathed in the river, asked her to keep.

"Therefore it is impossible that Phuong jumped into the river to bathe," Khue said.

The mother said the friend, whose name she didn't know, asked Phuong, to go out that day on a motorbike.

Meanwhile, barge driver Lam Van Chia said the accident happened when he and two young boys who were hired to grill fish and prawns for the passengers were out to pick coconuts.

Chia said they were informed of the accident upon their return and he tried to look for the woman, but it was useless, adding that the passengers then hired a diver and found her body.

Some witnesses told Thanh Nien that the victim refused to join the bathing, saying that she couldn't swim, while a local man who was nearby the site said he heard a group of men and women laughing and chatting, and then a woman screaming: "Don't pull me down into the river."

Also in its report, Tuoi Tre newspaper quoted Doan's report as saying he had joined the party at the invitation of Tuan, who is working in the field of telecommunications in Can Giuoc, and then he asked Giang to go with him, adding that they were taken to the wharf in a car by Tuan and another man named Trung.

At the station, they met with around ten young people, including between four and five women, the news source cited Doan's report as saying.

At around 2 p.m. the barge stopped, and Doan together with some of the others bathed in the river, the official said.

A moment later he saw them looking for someone, but he had no idea who he/she was because he didn't know them.

Doan said he later left the scene when police came to investigate the accident, asking Giang to stay back and see what was happening, Tuoi Tre reported.

Local police said the case is now under investigation and refused to provide further information except that people who joined the two officials in the party included six female workers from several foreign-owned companies.

An employee of the Can Giuoc Telecommunications Center, a motorbike trader in Can Duoc District, and two others in the real estate business were other members of the party on the barge.

Thai Van O, deputy secretary of Can Gio's Party Unit, said after investigators reach conclusions in the case, the Party unit will take action in accordance with regulations.

According to the district Party Unit's inspectorate, Doan and Giang seem to have violated ethical norms.

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