Prosecutors advise murder charge against truck driver.

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A truck driver who killed a girl by driving over her three times should face murder charges punishable by death, the Vietnamese highest prosecutor's office has proposed after the first trial sparked public anger.

The acts of Dang Huu Anh Tuan, 25, from the south central province of Binh Thuan, was brutal and deserved to be tried as "murder" which carries punishment from 12 years in jail to the death penalty under Vietnamese law, the People's Supreme Procuracy suggested ti the Court of Appeal under the People's Supreme Court on Thursday.

Tuan was last month sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter by the Ho Chi Minh City People's Court, in a ruling that outraged the public and local lawyers who feel that Tuan's act was a cold-blooded killing and deserved at least a life-sentence.

On the night of May 14, 2008, Tuan was driving a container truck when he hit 17-year-old Nguyen Thi Hoi's motorbike on Luy Ban Bich Street, Tan Phu District, before running over her legs, according to the indictment.

As Hoi cried out for help and passersby asked Tuan to back the car for them to pull her out, he continued to drive forward, running over Hoi again.

Tuan then backed the car and ran over the girl a third time, the indictment said. He was apprehended by locals as he tried to run away.

Hoi succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital.

HCMC prosecutors before the first trial had suggested a jail term of 11-12 years but judges said Tuan had a good record and had paid part of the compensation to the victim's family.

Tuan, who was also asked to pay VND75 million (US$4,000) in compensation to Hoi's family had told the court that he had panicked and tried to escape after he hit the girl the first time.

Local media later reported a rumor that an unwritten rule existed among truck drivers that in case of an accident it is better to ensure the victim was dead so that one get away with a smaller sentence (for manslaughter) as well as a one-off fine instead of lifelong compensation if the victim was disabled by the accident.

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