Pre-school blaze sends children to hospital

TN News

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A fire at a Ho Chi Minh City school parking lot sent several children and teachers to the hospital for smoke inhalation Tuesday, but fortunately no serious injuries or deaths occured.


The fire was seen from a parking lot of Hoa Mai Nursery School, which also affected Thang Long Secondary School next door at around 8:30 a.m.


Nine pre-school pupils, two girls from the secondary school and two teachers were sent to hospital for smoke inhalation.


The fire burned 25 motorbikes in the parking lot as it began to creep up to higher floors.


Nearly 200 fire fighters and 27 rescue vehicles were sent to extinguish the blaze and rescue those inside the building. Firefighters moved the teachers and children down from the upper floors of the building via ladder and put out the fire in two hours.


Police are investigating the cause of the accident.


Many locals said it probably started in the pre-school's kitchen.


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