Possible piece of downed US warplane found in central Vietnam: report

Thanh Nien News

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 Children play with a large piece of metal that many claim is part of a US aircraft shot down in Quang Nam Province during the war that ended more than 40 years ago. Photo credit: Tuoi Tre.
A group of construction workers in Quang Nam Province has found a large piece weighing 400 kilograms that may belong to a US aircraft shot down decades ago during the Vietnam War. 
According to a Tuoi Tre report, the workers were digging up the ground to build a house in Dien Ban Town last week when they discovered the metal piece, buried at around three meters deep. 
A crane truck was brought to the site to lift up the piece. It is not exactly clear which part of an aircraft it is or from which model. 
Locals who survived the war said Vietnamese soldiers downed an aircraft of the US army in the middle of the Vietnam War (November 1955- April 1975). They said some other pieces had been dug up earlier. 
The newly found piece will be handed over to the authorities, the report said.

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