Polluting company employees arrested for attacking protester

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Police in the central city of Da Nang arrested Thursday five employees of a residential area project investor for attacking a local who led protests against pollution caused by the project.

Nguyen Giac, Huynh Van Bong and Le Thanh Tuan are truck drivers while Vo Phi Hai and Nguyen Tam Loc are officers of the Trung Nam Group, investor of the Golden Hills project in Hoa Lien Commune.

On Monday evening, the company allegedly directed the men to attack Nguyen Van Tuan, 40, who has repeatedly stopped its trucks carrying soil and rocks to the construction site.

Tuan and other locals said the construction trucks had always dropped dirt on the way, causing air pollution in nearby villages.

The five went to Tuan's house in two cars and stabbed him with a scimitar and iron and wooden rods.

They jumped into the cars and feld after Tuan's wife and son rushed to neighbors' houses, calling for help.

The Trung Nam Group on Thursday handed over the two cars to Hoa Vang District Police Department.

Police said charges will be pressed against the five men after the police receive results on Tuan's medical condition.


Irate residents damage polluting company's office

The police did not make it clear how it will deal with the Trung Nam Group that residents believe organized the attack.

On Monday evening, after taking Tuan to the hospital, angry residents gathered in a crowd of more than a thousand people and surrounded the office of the company.

Many people smashed the glass windows of the facility and demanded the company to hand over the attackers. However, no one was present at the company and the residents gathered at the place again on Tuesday morning.

The residents said the air was so polluted that they had to close their houses' doors and windows to eath because of the dirt in the air.

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