Police still searching for gold in Vietnamese American-led heist

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 Four suspects of robbing a gold shop in central Vietnam on Oct. 14, from left: Huynh NgocThai, Nguyen Mark Joseph, Nguyen Phuoc Hai, Nguyen Bao Quoc.

Police in the central province of Binh Thuan arrested four suspects for robbing a gold shop on October 14, but officials are still searching for the more than 30 taels of stolen gold, Lao Dong reported.

According to police, the four suspects are from a gang led by Nguyen Mark Joseph, a 35-year-old Vietnamese American.

Police said after the attack on the Thu Thanh gold shop in Bac Binh District, the suspects attempted to escape by car.

While being chased by locals and police, Nguyen ordered Huynh Ngoc Thai, 23, and Nguyen Bao Quoc, 33, to get out of the car with the gold.

After being arrested, Quoc and Thai told police they had thrown the gold into the Luy River's section in Luong Son Town, the newspaper quoted police as saying.

Following Quoc and Thai's direction, police launched a search on October 20. So far the gold is nowhere to be found, according to Lao Dong.


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All the suspects were arrested soon after the robbery. Nguyen and the other suspect Nguyen Phuoc Hai, 34, were arrested the day of the robbery after they crashed into a 62-year-old man who died on the spot. Meanwhile, Thai was apprehended two days later, and Quoc turned himself on October 17.

Tuoi Tre reported that Binh Thuan's police have also arrested Bui Trung Kien, 26, who was suspected of robbing nearly 10 taels of gold from another gold shop on June 2 together with Nguyen and Hai. The gold shop is some 150 meters from the Thu Thanh shop.

Both the cases are now under investigation.

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