Police probe unidentified foreigners' robbery in northern Vietnam

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Police in Hanoi on Wednesday said they are investigating a case in which two unidentified foreigners were accused of robbing a married couple of VND37 million (US$1,700).

According to initial information, on Tuesday, two foreigners around 40 years old and some 1.8 meters high stopped at the house of Nguyen Tien Dat on a GENTRA car in Son Tay Town


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They asked Dat, 48, to show them a VND200,000 note. Dat agreed, asking his wife, Nguyen Thi Dong, to do so, police said.

One of the foreigners then asked about the VND500,000 note. Dong went into her house to take the requested note, and the foreigner followed her.

When Dong was opening her drawer, the man allegedly snatched the money inside, stared at Dong and scared her away. He then immediately left with the other, while the married couple later found that they lost VND37 million, according to police.

The case is being investigated.  

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