Police probe origin of massive gemstone in central Vietnam

By Trung Chuyen, Thanh Nien News

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The 30-ton stone seized by Dak Nong police. Photo: Phan Ba

Police in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong said they are investigating the origin of a 30-ton raw gemstone as they do not believe a local farmer's claim that he dug it up by accident. 
In mid-February, police stopped a truck carrying the stone on National Highway 14 through Dak Mil District. 
The driver failed to produce papers for the semi-precious stone, identified as chalcedony. 
Police then seized the stone. 
According to the driver, he was hired to transport the stone by Nguyen Chi Thanh, a local farmer who claimed that he had discovered it when digging in his farm. 
But police said they did not think the stone was accidentally found. 
Thanh and the driver were fined for violating regulations on the exploitation and transport of natural minerals. 
Under Vietnamese law, only the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is authorized to license the exploitation of minerals.

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