Police officers suspected of covering up DUI crash in southern Vietnam

By Mai Tram, Thanh Nien News

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Police in Can Tho are investigating allegations that some officers changed the report of a crash scene in 2012 to help their colleague escape DUI charges and claim more than US$15,000 from his insurance company.
A source from the Mekong Delta city’s police said they are looking for any misconduct by officers in Thot Not District regarding the case. 
According to the original police report, Tran Thi Le A, 45, from the neighboring Hau Giang Province, lost control of a car and drove it into a river in early morning November 27, 2012. Nobody was hurt. 
After nearly three years, she filed a complaint, claiming that she was not the driver. 
The woman said she had been asked to take the blame for Bui Minh Thang, a senior cop in Hau Giang, who was driving the car under the influence of alcohol.
Thang's father was Hau Giang police chief at the time. A said his family pressured her into taking responsibility for the crash because her husband worked under Thang's father. 
 Tran Thi Le A says she accepted to take the blame for a DUI crash in Can Tho in 2012 as the driver's father was her husband's supervisor. Photo credit: Lao Dong
She said the cover-up was to protect Thang's career and win money from the insurance company.
Thang was then a deputy head of the traffic police team of Hau Giang. He is now a senior environment police officer in the province.
She said that Bao, who has retired, had asked her on the phone to help Thang because he was still under probation for beating a taxi driver.
The insurance company, based on A's accusation, conducted its own investigation and in late October concluded that Thang was driving the car and the river crash was a DUI case.
It had paid Thang VND342 million, or more than US$15,000 for the crash. 

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