Police officers face dismissal for killing prisoner

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Two police officers in a central prison face dismissal for allegedly beating a prisoner to death on April 28.

Junior Lieutenant Nguyen Dang Khoa, a Party member, could also have his membership revoked, according to the disciplinary committee of Prison A2 in Khanh Hoa Province's Dien Khanh District. The jail is run by the Ministry of Public Security.

The committee said April 30 it would recommend the penalties for Khoa and Sergeant Major Vo Thanh Phuong to the ministry's Police Department.

The alleged killing occurred on April 28 when a prisoner, Duong Chi Dung, 35, and the two officers got into a quarrel at the prison's medical station.

Dung, who was sent to the prison three months ago for drug smuggling, had refused to do work pleading sickness, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported.

But a medical worker examined Dung and said he was not sick, sparking off the fight.

Phuong and Khoa then beat Dung, investigators said, with Khoa using a baton. The prisoner died soon after.

Two others inmates, Le Van Hiep and Nguyen Thai Thong, and an unidentified prison employee were also injured during the incident.

Angry prisoners refused to allow the prison staff to take Dung's body away until a day later.

Lieutenant General Cao Ngoc Oanh, director of the ministry's Police Department, said he had instructed the Khanh Hoa police to investigate.

Khoa has been arrested and it is not clear if Phuong is in custody or out on bail.

Last November another officer at Prison A2, Nguyen Ngoc Hoang, allegedly stabbed a resident of Nha Trang over a minor personal conflict.

The victim, Lam Tung Huong Duong, was visiting his friend when some men, including Hoang, were noisily drinking in a nearby house.

Duong attempted to stop them after his friend was told off, and was stabbed by Hoang.

He was taken to the hospital, but refused to file a complaint after Hoang's family paid him compensation.

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