Police officer detained for attacking cop on duty

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A police officer who was filmed attacking a traffic policeman late last month was arrested Thursday for further investigations, a spokesman of the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department told Thanh Nien.

Colonel Le Anh Tuan, chief-of-staff and spokesman of the police department, said Lieutenant Tran Dai Phuc, 30, will be detained for two months, pending investigation into resisting officers on duty.

Phuc, an officer of the municipal Mobile Police Division No. 1, was also suspended from his current post and removed from Party membership.

On July 28, Phuc, dressed in plainclothes, was pulled over by sergeant major Van Thanh Luan for driving a motorcycle without a helmet on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street.

Phuc accused Luan of hitting him in order to stop him and began to attack the traffic police with a metal rod he picked from a roadside shop.

In a clip of the scene a passer-by recorded and posted on YouTube, Phuc pushes Luan into a shop and they flail at each other a few times. Onlookers said the fight ended quickly and they left the scene.

Several hours after the attack, Phuc arrived at the station of the Hang Xanh Traffic Police Team, where Luan was working, and asked to meet with the team leaders to report the assault.


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Phuc allegedly dropped a knife while pulling his mobile phone out of his pocket, prompting officers at the station to rush in and apprehend him.

After the clip was posted online, an eyewitness Nguyen Duc Chanh told investigators that Phuc did not wear a helmet and was chased by Luan.

Luan hit Phuc on his shoulder with the baton and gave a nudge on his head.

Phuc slapped Luan on the face and picked up the metal rod to attack him as seen in the clip, the eyewitness said.

A senior police officer reached by Thanh Nien Thursday declined to comment on how Luan would be punished for his act

Another Thanh Nien source said Luan has been temporarily suspended from his post as a traffic warden since the incident.

He was ordered to make a report on the case and work with investigators, the source said.

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