Police investigating stunt girl stumble on robbed bike

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Police in Hanoi are tracking a motorbike stealing ring they accidentally came across when investigating the case of a girl driving her bike on the capital's streets using only her left foot.

The VnExpress news website reported June 9 that the girl in question, 21-year-old Nguyen Lan Anh, told the police that she bought the bike from a stranger who offered it in an online advertisement for VND10 million. The deal was made near the Chuong Duong Bridge, she said.

Nguyen Khac Trung, deputy chief of police in Gia Lam District, said the bike Lan Anh used was actually owned by a person in Dong Da District's Lang Thuong Ward.

Anh could face a minimum fine of VND6 million for the illegal acts of driving with her feet and without a helmet and driving license, police said.

The case was initiated by a VnExpress reader who recorded clips of Anh's stunt and sent it to the news website.

Gia Lam police later identified the girl who is a resident of the district's Trau Quy Town. Anh admitted that she was the person in the clips and confessed to performing her stunt on several streets.

In her blog, she said she "only wanted to play with the motorbike and didn't want fame because I already had it."

"After being found by the police, I will not drive with my foot anymore because it is illegal. But I have got used to driving with my feet, it will be a little difficult and uncomfortable to drive with hands," she said.

She also said she had crashed twice but both times it happened when she was driving with her hands.

Anh's clips can be seen at http://VnExpress.net/GL/Xahoi/2010/05/3BA1C612/page_2.asp.

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