Police investigate corpse shakedown allegations

TN News

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Ho Chi Minh City police brass have ordered a probe into accusations that an officer tried to shake down a Viet Kieu family as it attempted to recover the body of a deceased loved one.


Nguyen Chi Thanh, Director of the HCMC Police, ordered the investigation after local media reported that the family of a 57-year-old Vietnamese-Canadian, who died from stroke at District 2 Hospital on September 8, had endured a nightmare five-day ordeal as they attempted to recover his body.


The family told reporters that a District 2 and a pair of hearse drivers had conspired to delay the issuance of a death certificate after they refused their request for between US$4,500 and $6,500.


They also alleged that the body of their loved-one, which was later taken to District 7 Hospital, was autopsied without their consent.


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