Police include hatred, revenge as motives in the murder of 6 family members

By Ngoc Le, Thanh Nien News

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The villa cum headquarters of Quoc Anh Timber Processing Company in Binh Phuoc Province. Photo: Phuoc Hiep
A senior police officer said the motive behind the murder of six members of a wealthy family, including two children, in the southern province of Binh Phuoc may be hatred or revenge.
The Ministry of Public Security’s police officer who spoke under anonymity was referring to the murder which happened at around 3:45 a.m. on Tuesday at the villa cum headquarters of Quoc Anh Timber Processing Company near National Highway 13 in Binh Phuoc’s Chon Thanh District.
At around 7 a.m. Doan Thi Cam Loan, the 40-year-old maid of the family, came to the house and saw the door wide shut.
She pushed the door and saw blood stains on the floor. She then saw the dead bodies of Le Van My, the 48-year-old owner of the company, his 42-year-old wife Nguyen Le Thi Anh Nga and their son Le Quoc Anh, 15, on the floor.
She ran upstairs and found the dead bodies of Le Thi Anh Linh, the couple’s 22-year-old daughter, and Du Ngoc To Nhu, My’s 18-year-old niece, in the bedroom.
Loan called local police, who then found the dead body of Du Minh Vy, My’s 14-year-old nephew, at the house’s gate.
All the six victims had their throats cut.
According to police, one of the suspects in the murder was arrested on Tuesday morning, but they refused to reveal details.
They are still searching for the other suspects.
The police previously alleged that a group of robbers sneaked into the villa and tied six members of the family to three columns in three rooms before cutting their throats.
Vy, the 14-year-old boy, may have tried to run out of the house and was killed at the gate, they said.
But the police officer told Thanh Nien the killers may have other motives rather than robbery, given the way they killed the victims.
He said the killers may have chosen less time-consuming way of killing, such as slashing or stabbing, if they just wanted to rob.
The killers may be hired by people who have conflicts in doing business with My, the company’s owner, he said.
According to police, the murder was well-prepared and there were a few traces left behind by the killers.
The family is widely known in their area for their lucrative business. There is a large timber workshop inside the villa with more than 200 workers.

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