Police in northern Vietnam bust human trafficking rings

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Police in the northern province of Lang Son on Wednesday proposed criminal charges against four people including two Chinese nationals involved in a cross-border human trafficking ring.


On Tuesday night, Ngo Van Manh, 18, Pham Thi Hien, 17, and two Chinese nationals Cao Xuan Hoang, 29 and Hu Qiong Yong, 17, were caught as they were about to sell a 16-year-old girl to a Chinese brothel, the Cong An Nhan Dan said in a report Friday.


Hien and Manh, who had quit high school and were jobless, first made friends with the victim, identified as Nghiem Thi Thu T. from Bac Giang Province near Hanoi, to build trust.


Manh was later introduced to Hoang, a brothel owner in China.


Earlier this month, Lang Son police also arrested Nguyen Thi Ha and Tran Thi Hien, who had returned to Vietnam from the Chinese brothels they were working at to find more girls.


In another human trafficking case, police in Hanoi on Thursday said that they have detained two young men who had announced on the Internet they were selling a girl for VND6 million (US$291).


Pham Van Huan and Dang Thanh Tung, both 21 years old from the northern province of Hai Duong Province, had cheated a 18 year old girl, only identified as Nguyen Thi N., to go with them. Without her knowledge, they put her up for sale on the Internet, news website VietNamNet reported Friday.


Huan and Tung used to be fellow prisoners serving sentences for robbery convictions.


Police discovered the ad on Monday night and rescued N. when the boys were taking her to the front of a local school to wait for customers on Tuesday night.


The boys' intentions were unknown to the girl until that moment.


N. was born to a large, poor family in Nam Dinh Province. She became addicted to the Internet, especially the chat application, when she went to work in Hanoi earlier this month.


The girl knew Huan as a chat friend. He promised to give her money to go home when she was broke, so she accepted to go with him and Tung to a guest house, where the boys kept her while looking for customers.


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