Police catch two gold shop robbers

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Police catch two gold shop robbers


Police in the southern province of Binh Duong announced the arrest of two stickup men who stole between 20 and 30 ounces of jewelry during a 13-second gold shop heist last Wednesday.
Police described Nguyen Thanh Sang, 29 and his accomplice Vuong Quoc Thanh, 27--arrested separately, last night--as drug addicts from the town of Di An.  

On June 18, Sang reportedly told police that he and his partner planed to rob a series of gold shops to fuel their habit. They planned to use an ax and a novelty cigarette lighter, shaped like a hand gun to commit the crime.

Sang then drove Thanh around town on his motorbike looking for victims. The pair chose the Kim Nguyet gold shop as their target because it only had one guard and a shopkeeper inside.

While Sang pointed the fake gun at the people customers inside, Thanh smashed the glass cabinet and grabbed the jewelry, most of them gold rings. The duo then fled the scene on their bike.

Two days after the robbery, a salesman at another gold shop in the town secretly summoned local police to his shop after two suspicious men tried to sell him 24 gold rings.

When the police reached the scene, the men fled, leaving the rings behind.

The Kim Nguyet shop owner confirmed that the 24 rings were among the items stolen in the robbery.

Based on witness statements and footage recorded by the shop's security cameras, the police were able to identify Sang.

Police later arrested him at his home. His accomplice, Thanh, was caught later in the same day.
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