Police bust Heineken counterfeiting ring in southern Vietnam

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City have arrested three people on suspicion of producing fake Heineken beer.

Initial information revealed that police busted the beer counterfeiters in Binh Chanh District last Friday as Vo Dong So, 41, and Nguyen Van Tan, 34, were loading 23 cases of fake Heineken onto a truck, planning to deliver them to local beer agents and shops.

After that police raided two local houses used for production and confiscated 336 bottles of fake Heineken. They also arrested 46-year-old Vo Ngoc An, So's brother.

According to police, the ring was led by So's other brother, Vo Hoang Giang, who escaped the raid and remains at large.

The suspects told police that they collected used bottles and lids of Heineken beer from agencies. They would then mix one-third of a bottle of genuine Heineken with twice that much Saigon beer to produce their fake Heineken product.

Police said the culprits rented several spaces for production on a short-term basis, just a couple of months, so police have yet to determine exactly when they began the process.

The investigation is ongoing.

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