Police brutality sparks gold factory riot in Quang Nam Province

TN News

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Over 500 people in Quang Nam Province ransacked a local gold factory Wednesday after a 19-year-old was attacked by a police Lieutenant for scouring around the factory dump.

Around five tons of gold ore were stolen in the riot, local news website Dan Tri reported on Thursday, August 25.

Tran Van Dieu, a guard at the Bong Mieu Gold Factory, said hundreds of people poured into the factory at around 8 p.m. Tuesday, hurling bricks and rocks.

Early the next morning, some young men made use of the chaos to rush into the factory and steal gold ores, Dieu said.

The group also smashed glass doors, cameras and five cars. The damage, including the value of the stolen ore, was estimated to cost tens of billions of dong.

According to local officials, residents were outraged after the 19-year-old boy was caught scouring the factory dump for discarded ore. According to protesters, the boy was attacked by lieutenant Nguyen Duy Thanh on Monday.

"The lieutenant tasered the boy ten times, according to marks on his body," said Bui Quang Minh, a commune official.

The boy was rushed to hospital after that.

Pham Truong Dan, deputy chief of the Quang Nam Police, said his department will investigate the scene and punish the people who attacked and robbed the factory.

During a meeting with Quang Nam authorities on Wednesday, many local residents decried the factory attack. But they also asked local police to press criminal charges against Lt. Thanh.

The police said they will surely do so after they complete their investigation.

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