Police arrest two men for attacking forest rangers in central Vietnam

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Phu Yen Police have detained two men for attacking a forest ranger on  when the latter found they were illegally transporting timber.

Luong Tan Thinh, 28, and Pham Xuan Trung, 27, have confessed to Tuy An District Police their assault on Pham Ngoc Phuong as well as the illegal transportation of wood.

At around midnight of January 23, Tuy An rangers' office got a warning that two 12-seat vehicles were transporting timber illegally from Son Hoa District to Tuy An District. Another four-seat car ran ahead to watch out for rangers, reports said. 

A team was dispatched to intercept the traffickers.

When rangers ordered them to stop at around 1 a.m. on January 24, the three vehicles speeded up. The raiding team gave chase for over 15 kilometers before one vehicle stopped and dropped its timber on the street to hinder the rangers.

Those who were in the  vehicle proceeded to attack the rangers with iron tubes and wrenches. They beat up Phuong and fled.

X-rays showed Phuong had a broken nose. He also suffered black eyes and torn lips.

Local authorities seized more than 5.7 cubic meters of timber left at the scene.

Further details of the case were not revealed.

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