Police arrest Nigerian man wanted for duping Vietnamese women

By Quang Minh, Thanh Nien News

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Nigerian Oshanugor James Anyasi has been arrested on swindling accusation. Nigerian Oshanugor James Anyasi has been arrested on swindling accusation.


A 35-year-old Nigerian man wanted by Vietnamese police for an online scam was arrested at Tan Son Nhat International Airport where he was waiting for a connecting flight.
An airport source said Tuesday that Oshanugor James Anyasi has been handed over to Hanoi police for investigation. 
On February 6, the airport's authorities found Anyasi arriving on a flight from Dohar to Cambodia that transited at Tan Son Nhat, but refusing to get off the plane.
Police later found he was actually a con man wanted by local police.
He used a fake passport in which his first name was slightly modified from Oshanugor to Oshnugor, they said.
Last June, Hanoi police proposed fraud charges against him. Two local suspects involved in the case, Nguyen Minh Thi, 26, and Me Thi Huong, 29, have been arrested.
Investigation found that Thi met Huong and Anyasi in 2012.
Together they worked with two other Nigerian men, Oryewhere Karie and Oriame Ehis, to pretend making friends with Vietnamese women on the Internet.
They impersonated as European nationals and after a while they promised to send the women valuable gifts on the condition that they send them $500-1,500 to pay tax and other fees.
The group has swindled money from at least 13 women with the scheme.
Police are hunting for the other men. 

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