Police arrest 9 from fight that killed 2 in southern Vietnam

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The Binh Phuoc Province Police arrested nine young men April 16 for their alleged involvement in an April 14 fight in which two men died.

The arrestees were Do Duc Anh, 18; Nguyen Van Anh, 18; Le Ngoc Cuong, 20; Vo Quoc Dai, 23; Tran Van Hiep, 17; Tran Ba Ky, 18; Ngo Quoc Nam, 20; To Hoang Suyen, 19; and Dinh Van Tho, 25.

The fight broke out at a birthday party organized by T.T.Q.M., 18, a 12th-grader at Phu Rieng High School, at his house in Bu Gia Map's Phu Rieng Commune.

At 8 p.m., Tran Hanh Phuc, 21, one of the partygoers, approached the table where Trinh Tien Doan, 20, a 12th-grade student at Le Quy Don High School in Bu Dang District, was sitting, and invited him to have some wine.

Doan poured the wine on the ground after seeing a breadcrumb on the rim of the glass.

Phuc thought Doan was disrespecting him, so he attempted to slap Doan in the face, but the blow struck Doan's friend who was sitting beside him.

A brawl soon began, but was broken up, with Phuc, Doan and the others leaving.

Later, Doan recruited Cuong, Suyen and some other friends to bring knives and sticks to attack Phuc and his friends while waiting at an intersection in Dong Xoai Town, located about two hours away in Binh Phuoc Province.

Allegedly, Doan stabbed Phuc three times in the heart, killing the latter on the spot. He was then slashed to death by Phuc's friends.

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