Police accused of beating up man for not wearing helmet

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Police in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province on the southern Vietnam coast are investigating allegations that a man was beaten up for not wearing a crash helmet.

Tran Van Loc, 32, said police officers of Long Phuoc Commune of Ba Ria town handcuffed him to a window on Friday. Two of them, Nguyen Van Lat and Bui Khanh Truc, used clubs to beat him on his head and thighs.

He was later sent with multiple injuries to the hospital by Pham Minh Tri, deputy head of the commune police.

Loc said he was not wearing a helmet on Friday, and when he saw traffic police on the opposite direction, he stopped and moved to the sidewalk. But the police had noticed him so they came and seized his motorbike.

Loc said he saw a police officer take out a handcuff, so he grasped a broom from the front yard of a house to defend himself. However the officers managed to get him to the station where they beat him up.

The police unit has said in a report to superiors that Loc had used foul language and beat Truc with a cane.


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They admitted Lat was in bad temper and beat Loc.

Tran Van Lam, chief of the commune police, said the officers would be punished for any wrongdoing.

Wearing crash helmets is mandatory for motorbike drivers in Vietnam since December 2007.

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