Poacher escapes after stabbing forest ranger in chest

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A forest ranger in the central region's Ha Tinh Province was stabbed in the chest by a logger as he was filing a report against three of them, local media reported Monday.

Vo Ta Huong is said to be in a stable condition after two days of internal bleeding.

Huong and other rangers at Ke Go Nature Reserve on Saturday last week discovered three loggers illegally chopping down timber in the area.

They stopped the loggers, seized their saws, and was filing a report on the arrest when Huong was stabbed.

The attacker Dinh Quoc Tuan escaped while two others, Nguyen Van Hue and Le Minh Tiem, were detained. All of them came from the nearby Quang Binh Province.

Doctors said the stab wound have caused blood to flow into Huong's pleural space. His condition stabilized after two days.

Local police are looking for Tuan and investigating the case further.

Early this month, four forest rangers from Quang Nam Province in the central region were critically assaulted by a group of loggers when the latter were stopped while transporting the stolen timber.

Illegal loggers have a long history of attacking forest rangers, especially in the central and Central Highland regions.

In January 2009, six rangers in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak were attacked and injured after attempting to intervene in an illegal logging operation.

Eight months later, a member of the Quang Nam Province Forest Management Department was killed while pursuing timber poachers on his motorbike.

Forest wardens in the regions are finding it increasingly difficult to perform their duties, since they are understaffed and ill-equipped to deal with the increasing violence.

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