Plane-truck incident sees another license revoked

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The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) has revoked the license of another air traffic staffer for letting an airplane nearly crash into a truck as it was landing at Noi Bai Airport last month.


The CAAV has so far withdrawn the licenses of four out of five air staffers from the Northern Region Air Traffic Services in the nerve-wracking incident.


All the staffers, including one that was serving an apprenticeship, were also fined VND5 million (US$263.8) each, according the latest decision signed by Nguyen Trong Thang, deputy chief of the CAAV inspectorate.


They were ordered to review their professional skills for six to 12 months before receiving another punishment, CAAV said.  


The administrator has also revoked licenses from the truck's driver and his assistant from the Northern Airports Corporation's Technical Services Company. They have each been fined VND5 million each.


According to the CAAV, a FedEx Corporation airplane was around 18 kilometers above the runway and about to land, as instructed to do so by the airport's control tower staff, when the pilots saw a rubber removal truck on the same runway.


They pulled up and landed safely ten minutes later, CAAV said.


CAAV said the incident March 23 critically threatened aviation safety, but the involved staffers didn't report the incident to their superiors or related agencies.


Not until FedEx submitted an appeal to CAAV did the administrator launch an investigation into the case, Vietnamnet reported.


According to the news website, CAAV is tightening control of flight safety at local carriers after the incident and another recent report from Jetstar Pacific saying that one of its planes almost crashed into a plane from Vietnam Airlines last month when it was landing.


A Jetstar Pacific captain said that although the two planes were some 1,400 feet apart, which was considered a safe distance under local and international regulations, he had to turn his plane around to guarantee safety.

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