Phu Quoc shooting suspect shot girlfriend, himself when cornered, but alive: police

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The scene near a dessert house in Phu Quoc town where Tuan Em and his girlfriend were hidding from police hunt. Photo: Thanh Nien The scene near a dessert house in Phu Quoc town where Tuan Em and his girlfriend were hidding from police hunt. Photo: Thanh Nien


A man suspected of shooting two people to death in the resort island of Phu Quoc over the weekend shot his girlfriend and himself when they were surrounded by police on Tuesday, an officer said.
Do Thanh Son, aka Tuan Em, 32, and Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, 19, sustained gunshot wounds to their chest, a doctor at Phu Quoc General Hospital said. The bullets missed their heart, and their condition is still critical but stable, he said.
Tuan Em had been hunted by the police after the shooting on Saturday night at a beer club in Phu Quoc.
On Tuesday, the police found him hiding with his girlfriend Ngan in a deserted house by a forest in Suoi Lon village.
Lt.Col. Tran Van Dung, deputy chief of Phu Quoc Island police, rejected earlier reports that there was a shootout between Tuan Em and the police.
According to him, officers surrounded the house in the afternoon and used a megaphone to ask him to surrender. They also fired a few warning shots, he said
The duo did not reply, but at around 3 p.m. the officers heard gunshots from inside the house.
They stormed into the house and found Tuan Em and Ngan lying in a pool of blood. They were rushed to Phu Quoc General Hospital where police ordered increased security on the emergency room.
Many local people who gathered around the hospital said they felt “relieved” when Tuan Em was arrested.
A taxi driver who refused to be named said he hadn’t dare to go farther than the island downtown while Tuan Em was still on the loose. “He had a gun, he might suddenly appear and stop my car.”
“Everybody was happy,” a shop owner said. “Phu Quoc is a tourist island. If the security were not good, no one would come, and trade and service would suffer,” she said.
Tuan Em, a HIV-infected drug user, was convicted once for stealing, according to the police
Assisted by some accomplices, on Saturday night he hunted down Huynh Thanh Bao, 19, at Lion Garden beer club to settle an old score.
He allegedly fired multiple shots, which killed Bao and Thai Thi Thanh Mai, 31, a pregnant woman who was celebrating her birthday at the club.
He fled the shooting scene before the police arrived.
The police on Monday arrested three of his accomplices, including a 14-year-old boy who allegedly slashed Bao with a scimitar.

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