Patient’s husband arrested for attacking doctors at Bach Mai Hospital

By Thuy Anh, Thanh Nien News

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A still from Bach Mai Hospital's clip showing Nguyen Tien Dung, in black, attacking the hospital staff. A still from Bach Mai Hospital's clip showing Nguyen Tien Dung, in black, attacking the hospital staff.


Hanoi police arrested a man for attacking doctors and nurses at Bach Mai Hospital on Friday after accusing them of having poorly cared for his wife.
Nguyen Tien Dung, 36, was arrested for causing a public nuisance, according to Senior Lt. Col. Le Dinh Thanh of the Dong Da District Police Department.
Police said Dung took his wife, Nguyen Thi Hong My, 32, to the hospital at around 5am on July 25 because she was suffering from shortness of breath, cramps in her limbs and a belly ache.
Doctors examined My and gave her some painkillers before Dung began to insult them.
He allegedly picked up a chair and attacked nurse Le Diep Anh, who was seven months pregnant, before attacking other caregivers in the hospital’s emergency ward.
At a press briefing held later that day, Dr. Ho Quang Tan said Dung made a phone called a group of friends to the hospital, where hospital guards prevented them from entering. They only left after police arrived and placed Dung under arrest.

Nguyen Tien Dung at the police station. Photo: Ha An 
Police said nurse Anh fainted after Dung's assault, but later decided not to press charges against Dung after learning that she hadn't suffered any serious injuries. 
Dung's relatives took his wife to another hospital for treatment.
Police said no other member of the staff reported serious injuries related to the assault.
Dung is a drug addict and was forced into a rehabilitation center in August 2013.
Dr Ngo Duc Hung of Bach Mai Hospital said Dung may have been overly worried about his wife’s health and attacked the staff due to some misunderstandings.

“She was admitted in accordance with hospital procedures, was given a preliminary examination and medication,” he said.
Dr Nguyen Van Chi, head of the hospital’s emergency ward said the hospital staff had admitted over 100 patients suffering serious problems on the night of July 24 and had to evaluate and prioritize treatment based on the urgency of each patient's condition.
Dr. Chi said the nursing staff was monitoring My’s response to the painkiller before taking any further steps when Dung launched his assault.
Dr Nguyen Ngoc Hien, the hospital's deputy director, said the assault was very serious and not the first the hospital has seen.
“We want relevant authorities to issue strict penalties against assaults on doctors to deter similar cases,” Dr. Hien said. 

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